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Company Story

India is a land of myriad colors, moods, traditions and ethnic food. Being born and bought up In India, I have always had a special relationship with Ghee and spices. I am hoping to pass on this very taste and ethnicity of food and traditions through my passion for cooking to you and your loved ones.

Superfoods Veda is a company dedicated towards the use of Ghee and other Ayurvedic superfoods in every day diets. Ayurveda is an ancient scientific belief based on the notion that food is medicine. It is believed that applying Ayurveda in everyday life is beneficial for the mind, body, and even spiritually your soul.

Superfoods Veda makes ghee as its primary product, which comes in as original ghee, as well as with spices added such as ginger & garlic, and turmeric & black pepper . The company offers many more products like My Mom’s Masala Dabba (Indian spice box) , spice blends, Kichadi. The company also makes a product called Golden Milk paste, which is a blend of spices such as turmeric, honey, black pepper, etc. combined with the original Superfoods Veda ghee. One tablespoon of this aromatic paste mixed with your choice of warm milk provides an array of nutritional gains to the body. The golden milk paste provides anti-oxidants, digestive soothing, immune boost, and many other beneficial properties.

Superfood Veda not only believes in the power that food can bring in health, but also understands that sometimes, people are simply too busy to worry about cooking superfoods at home. That is why all of Superfood Veda’s products require very little time and effort to prepare, so that your family can have a well balanced meal without the stress of planning out meals.

All Superfood Veda products are friendly with popular diets: Keto, Paleo, Ayurvedic, Whole 30, Vegetarian,Gluten free, and more

My Story

Every success has a story, a success story. This is a story which I would like to tell you all. Well, let me introduce myself – I am VEDA, Superfoods Veda. I was born to Bhavana Foods LLC in 2011, and although I am quite young my growth has been really fantastic because of Bhavana Barde.

Bhavana was born and raised in India. As a child, she always grew with various tasty and healthy foods being prepared around her. Specially in a colourful country like India, food is a very important element to fill colour to life. May it be rice, breads, milk or a banana – Ghee is a must. Back at home Bhavana grew up having healthy food and also learnt cooking as it became a necessity initially. Cooking food became an art soon for her and she started experimenting and acquired the art of cooking Indian food flawlessly.

She came to the USA with her daughter and husband in the summer of 2004 with a hope to have much more opportunistic future for her family. In her early years in America, she dedicated herself to her family at home. During this time, she would invite her friends over and make delicious meals that everyone loved and made memories with. Her talent to cook was instantly encouraged by her friends and she hence decided to incept into the world of business. In 2011, she started her catering company, Bhavana Foods LLC. This company catered for big events in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Her cuisine focused on Indian traditional food, as well as some variant cuisines depending on the event. Bhavana also started her own cooking classes 4 years ago. She teaches at ‘Cooking at cottage’ in Louisville KY, MESA in new Albany Indiana, also have touched at charity events, Yoga events and small gatherings.

Me and Bhavana are constantly growing now and look forward not only to cater you, but also flourish your health and taste with the essence of delicious foods. We hope you always have a supertaste, a superhealth, we hope you always have superfood.