India a land of myriad colors, moods, traditions and ethnic food.  Born and bought up In India, I have a special relation with Ghee and spices. I am passing on my passion of cooking to you and your families. 

There’s something special about cooking a delicious meal and nourishing yourself and your family with it. 

With our busy life, we are at a disconnect from our food. We have lost the connection to where it comes from or how to grow it, how to eat seasonally, the magic of using spices to enhance digestion and the wisdom to create meals that not only taste good, but balance and energizes our whole being.

That’s why I created this club. By using the powerful wisdom of Ayurveda, known as ‘the science of life’, based on the principle:

Your food is your medicine.

This club offers various opportunities for those interested in learning more about authentic Indian cooking methods. Further, it will also provide information about the fundamentals of Indian cooking. The club will focus on cooking with ghee and Indian spices, showcase Indian culture traditions, and accomplish these goals while following an environmentally friendly routine to respect and honor mother earth.

Traditional verbiage of Ayurvedic cooking:

  • Auyr : Age/life
  • Veda : Knowledge/Wisdom
  • Zayka: taste, deliciousness
  • Khooshboo : fragrance, aromaticity
  • Sativk: roughly translates to Virtuous, true. vitality, providing rich, nutritious food for sustained energy
  • Rajasvi: richness in food, royalty
  • Tamasi; “bad” foods that have a negative impact on mind and body

Club feature:

  • Hands-on spice blending:
    • Opportunity to smell and taste several spice blends
    • Learn how to mix spices in ways that make sense based on flavor profile and nutritional benefit range
    • Practice technical skills such as grinding, toasting, and mixing spices
  • Time to learn techniques for using spices to deepen and intensify flavor in meals
  • Knowledge about the medicinal and nutritional benefits in ayurvedic cooking
  • Overview of Indian spice history and Ayurvedic tradition
  • The cooking classes will be structured as per your theme, holidays and sessions of the year.

We start the class with a silent 10 minute meditation to get in the ‘right frame of mind’ to cook. Ayurveda says the most important part of preparing a meal is the consciousness state of the cook… happy present cook adds  Prana (life) to the food!

After our minds and bodies have settled into a relaxed state, we learn about the Ghee, spices, digestion, food combinations, flavor and all the life-giving tips embodied in the wisdom of Ayurveda. 

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